Ticket inspectorate and examination services

Our services include
• Fixed point inspections
• Roving team inspections
• Undercover inspections
• Route / service monitoring and census
• Event ticket monitoring

TickTech offers-

  1. An extensive knowledge and years of experience in inspection services, including knowledge of a variety of ticketing systems and geographical areas
  2. Quality inspectors, well trained and with good communication skills
  3. Regular rotation of inspectors. Inspectors are rotated between clients approximately every six weeks. This prevents acquaintances with bus drivers which is a common problem amongst inspectors operating indefinitely at one operator. (If you haven’t done this as yet it might be worth considering outsourcing.)
  4. A fixed infrastructure, including a well maintained vehicle fleet, 24 hour support,  accommodation for our inspectors
  5. A hands on approach
  6. 24 hour replacement of staff
  7. Statistical analyses of inspections conducted
  8. Analysis of all trips inspected
  9. Expert advice on disciplinary and arbitration procedures

     We provide -

  1. Detailed monthly reports
  2. Record keeping of all inspections conducted and reports
  3. Record keeping of disciplinary hearings conducted by our clients
  4. Inspection statistics

... and much more.


Ticket reservation systems

An on-line system linking vehicle departure points through a data network to a data center.
The high-level functionality offered in this system includes-

Defining and amendments of scheduled routes/ services and ad-hoc routes/ services
Defining of fares for different discount classes (pensioners, students, etc.) and different fare seasons
Management of ticket and receipt stock
Defining and amending of the sales hierarchy (offices, agents, etc.)
On-line bookings with time limits or payments
Issuing of manual and automated tickets
Issuing of receipts for the purpose of pre-paid ticket advices
Amendments/enquiries on a booking
Refunds of a booking
Exchanging a ticket for another journey
Automatic calculation of commission
On-line enquiry on sales for an user / agent / office
Printing of passenger lists
Making and receiving of miscellaneous payments
Multiple currencies
Integrated accounting of revenue based on sales information
Bank deposits based on revenue accounting
Creation of journals to General Ledger based on financial information


Hand held / mobile ticketing devices

TickTech assist operators with the sourcing, installation and management of mobile / hand held devices to be used en-route on for example coaches, busses and trains. This allows sales en- route of passenger tickets, baggage tickets and other on board services. It also allows for any other business specific processes such as inspections, broadcasts, messages, etc. to be processed en-route.

The functionality of the ticket reservation system (mentioned above) is extended to run on this mobile device. The advantage is one seamless solution with no duplication of data or duplication of effort in capturing data.

TickTech has the ability to do software development customised for each individual operator. South African operators are advantage in not being limited by rigid traditional imported ticketing machines that does not support the needs of the South African operator.


Related and other support services

Speed trapping (Truvello Prolaser III) – equipment at client’s cost
Lie detection tests (Polygraph and Voice Stress Analyses)
Advice on and assistance in disciplinary and arbitration procedures